"Over 90% of women at some point suffer from unwanted facial hair."


After 27 years, Gippsland Electrolysis Clinic still remains the #1 clinic for Permanent Hair Removal.
Specialising in a method known as Electrolysis, Gippsland Electrolysis Clinic’s qualified Electrologist Ilona Norkus has been successfully treating both light and excessive hair growth (hirsutism) of the facial area on men and woman of all ages.
The biggest benefit of electrolysis is that it doesn’t matter if the hairs are grey, white, blonde or black, fine or thick, electrolysis will successfully treat all types.

The face is not the only area unwanted hair can be treated. Areas such as the areola(nipple), tummy (snail trail), bikini etc. are also options, especially once IPL or Laser sessions have reached their max, electrolysis is perfect to finish off the remaining few permanently.

Alongside Electrolysis, Ilona is also qualified to remove tanglestacia (red veins) on the face, milia and unsightly skin tags and is the exclusive regional stockist of Gernetic International, plant based cellular anti age skin care.

What We Do

Tired of tweezing, waxing or zapping your unwanted facial hairs and getting no results?


Having spent years going to the same Electrologist thinking this was normal, I had heard excellent reviews from Ilona and decided to give her try. I cannot believe in the short space of 3 months my hairs have virtually disappeared and I won’t need to come back now for at least 6 weeks. I am so happy to have found you! Mary


I was having IPL for the last 2 years and decided it was no longer working for me. I found Ilona and after only 4 sessions what started as a 45minute treatment I only now need 10minutes. My confidence had returned and my granddaughter no longer comments on my stubble. Forever grateful. Lucy